Sometimes it steps on my toes a little bit, but it’s oh so necessary. To look past myself and see the world around me, the people around me, the suffering around me. When I think my “hard” is the hardest, when I think having to wake up a few times a night with the kids is the worst, when I think my waiting is the most painful… I just need a fresh perspective.

I remember you. The one who has faced loss greater than you could have ever imagined. The one whose heart and womb are aching for baby to call your own.  You would give it all to be up all night with a sleepless baby. You would do anything to hear the cries of your own child. And here I am complaining about the gifts I’ve been given.

It’s all about my perspective.

Today, through tired eyes and with a heart that is sincerely repentant of my selfishness and complaints, I choose to look beyond myself. To you, sweet friend.

I hope you know that you are seen. That even though I don’t understand your pain, there is One who does.
I hope you know that you are known. Even when it feels like you’ve been forgotten, like your prayers are hitting the ceiling, He hears you. He knows your heart better than you know yourself.
I hope you know that you are loved. When it feels like rejection after rejection, you are truly a daughter of the King, and He loves you more than you could ever fathom.
And when the only thing you know to do is run, I hope you know that He is still chasing you. He longs to hold you close, to listen to your cries and your questions, and to remind you moment after moment that He gets you. He really does.

Thank you for teaching me about perspective. For teaching me that I don’t always know what you might be facing or feeling. For showing me that my “worst” is probably not really the worst. For reminding me that gratefulness–for the good and the hard–is the real key to joy.

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