Meaningful Christmas Gift Ideas

To me, the best kind of gift is both meaningful and practical. I’ve never been one to collect knick-knacks or buy things that just sit and look pretty. (This is precisely why my home is definitely not the most beautifully decorated! As much as I appreciate a beautiful space and sometimes wish I was better at decorating, home decor just does not excite me. I’d rather buy a book or a snack! HA!)

I always love when I receive a gift that I can actually USE. And I love giving gifts that I know will be purposeful for someone else. I don’t know about you, but when my family members ask, “What do you want for Christmas?” I have a really hard time thinking of things! (Let’s be honest, it’s because I don’t need anything.) But I like to make note of gifts that would be really meaningful and purposeful to me. If you have a hard time thinking of gift ideas for your own wishlist or for your mom, sisters, girlfriends, etc., I hope this list is helpful!

You’ll notice that all of these gifts are really centered around God’s Word. It’s something I’m passionate about, and I think there are so many great ways we can integrate His word into our daily lives, whether through the Word itself, a scripture-based planner, or a book that points us back to the gospel.

She Reads Truth Bible 

This Bible is not only beautiful, but PACKED full of great resources for reading and understanding God’s Word. From the maps to the devotionals, from the helpful information provided before each book to the easy-to-read font, it really is an excellent Bible for any girl of any age! She Reads Truth has TONS of other incredible tools and resources for Bible study — and not just for the “she,” but also for men and kids!

Give Me Jesus Journal

No doubt about it, this is my most used Bible study tool (aside from the Bible, of course). This is the perfect journal for recording everything you’re learning as you read and study God’s Word. It has just enough structure to keep your thoughts flowing, but plenty of free space to use it in several different ways! (To see some of the ways I’ve used my GMJ Journal, check out the highlight on my Instagram!) I love that I can go back and reread what God has taught in the weeks, months, and years past! Some other favorites from the Well Watered Women shop are their Walk in Grace studies, which are great for anyone looking to learn how to study the Bible verse by verse, as well as their Planted study, which I recommend for new believers or anyone looking to learn more about disciplines of the Christian faith.

Val Marie Paper Prayer Journal

Have a prayer warrior in your life? Want to be more intentional about your prayer life? This prayer journal is place to organize the things you want to be intentionally praying about so that you can keep track of the needs in your life (and lives around you), and you can celebrate answered prayers! I love that it gives you the same several prompts each month as well as some blank space so you can customize it to fit your own prayer needs. If you don’t want to purchase the yearly journal, you can get a 6-month journal for only $15! I also love their Kids Legacy Prayer Journals where you can record prayers for your children and have an incredibly meaningful gift to pass on to them when they’re older.

GraceLaced Planner

Confession: I don’t own this planner. Sadly! All of my calendar planning happens digitally now, but if I used a paper planner, this would be the one! I have seen it in person, and it is AMAZING. It has beautiful art, scripture, space for prayers, and more. If you’re a planner or know a planner, this is a guaranteed HIT!

Lastly, for the girl who loves to read, a book is never a bad idea! Here a few of my favorite books!

I hope this was helpful for you! If you already have one of these items, receive one for Christmas, or decide to buy one for a friend, I’d love to hear about it!

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