Let’s Be Real

This is an excerpt from Episode #3 of my podcast. If you’d like to hear the rest, go check it out!

As powerful as it is to share stories of our past, what God brought us through or healed us from, there is amazing power in sharing in those things while they’re actually happening because we share the raw emotions, the vulnerability, and the truths we’re learning. That’s how we grow together.

The truth is that it’s almost guaranteed someone else is walking through the same thing you’re facing, and we’re missing out on a lot of support and prayers and wisdom when we cover it up and save the story for sharing AFTER it’s been redeemed, when we have a happy ending or can finally make sense of it.

Our culture, especially today, celebrates perfection. You see that in the media, on the covers of magazines, on social media. The beautiful people are the ones who seemingly have it all together. This mindset makes it difficult to find freedom in authenticity. We worry about what people might think if they know what we’re really struggling with. We think people might judge us if they know we’re struggling with sin…as if any of us really believes anyone is perfect. The Bible tells as “ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”, but for some reason, we almost forbid anyone to prove that to be true. When someone’s sin IS revealed, we all act shocked and betrayed and start judging as if we don’t also have sin in our own lives.

There’s a lot of shame and bondage that come with this mindset. Instead of sharing and becoming free from our sin and struggles, we hide ashamed. And we carry that weight around with us hoping no one will ever know. The problem is Jesus never meant for it to be that way. He DIED for our sins. It is FINISHED. We lay them down at the cross and pick up the grace that he freely gives. There is no shame in Jesus.

It’s time that we recognize that we’re all imperfect and in need of grace. It’s time that we support each other, that we share with each other and walk alongside each other as we push one another closer to Jesus. 

God didn’t just create this idea of community so we can sit around our living rooms and eat delicious food and watch football games. He created us to do LIFE together! And life has problems, life has struggles, life has sin, life has hard days, life has sickness, life has issues! Let’s commit to grabbing our sisters’ and brothers’ hands and saying, I’m in it for the long haul, for the ups and downs, for the struggles and the celebrations. You support me, I support you. You encourage me, I encourage you. You speak life and truth to me, and I’ll do the same for you.


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